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Sustainable Homes


Fauna Homes provides design oriented and affordable plans of small homes. Each of our collections contains 3 models of different size for different needs. The smaller model is a studio version with enough space to fit a queen size bed and a full bathroom. The upgraded version has a closed room for more privacy and the large model have 2 bedrooms.

Our houses are designed to allow inhabitants to live in well-designed small living environment without giving up comfort. They are cleverly think to include a lot of storage and no space is left unused. Open floor plans with higher ceiling provides for the building occupants a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors through the introduction of daylight and views, which is a point of the LEED certification. 

Fauna homes offers sustainable small houses with minimal and optimized dimensions, reducing the footprint on the environment. The size of our homes leads to less materials being required for its construction, and therefore have a reduced ‘embodied energy’ compared to a large house. They use less materials, transport, consume and waste less. Being the owner of a small home is to join a simpler, environment friendly lifestyle and getting closer to financial freedom.

All of our home are design assuming they will be mounted on a slab but not limited to it. The physical footprint of a foundation is a lot smaller than regular homes, reducing the volume of earth that has to be disturbed and possibly the amount of machinery used to create it. Slabs also contributes maintaining a fresh interior air because they reduce potential issues related to humidity and mold. They give a high level of comfort due to their thermal mass, stocking heat during the day and releasing it at night. They can also be build with a heating floor system, which transforms your floor into a true heating system. Finally, slabs can be finish and left as is without the need of adding any additional flooring.

By choosing one of our small houses, our customers buys the potential of creating their house to the highest standards of sustainability. By choosing solar roof panels, a wind turbine or a wastewater recuperation system, you can make your home even more ecologic.

With their regular shapes, our homes will fit most lots and can be oriented to capitalize on the Sun’s free energy. One thing in common that most of our homes shares is wood siding. Wood is the more ecologic solution when it comes to exterior finish.

Our plans doesn’t comes with any specification of materials or finishes. Our virtual visit are rendered with an all white material and gives you a great idea of how house feel from inside. We believe that everyone will design their own interior space according to their specific living taste and budget. By selling plans worldwide, our customers can choose a local contractor and choose local materials to build with. This also helps with changing construction standards and building codes from one province, town or country to another. 

Fauna’s houses are an expression of minimalism, affordability and sustainability. We put a lot of work into designing each of them and we want them to be accessible to everyone. We are the leading small home plan seller and we pave path to sustainable affordability.