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Will the plans meet my county's building codes?

Because of the great differences in geography and climate, each state, county, and municipality has its own building codes, zone requirements, ordinances and building regulations. Your plan may need to be modified to comply with local requirements regarding snow loads, energy codes, soil and seismic conditions and a wide range of other matters. In addition, you may need to obtain permits or inspections from local government agencies before and while in construction.

Prior to using blueprints or CAD ordered from us, we strongly advise that you consult a licensed architect or engineer -- and speak with your local building official -- before applying for any permit or beginning construction.

We recommend the use of our blueprints and CAD on the express condition that you strictly comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements and other applicable laws, regulations, ordinances and requirements. 

Can I make changes to my plan?

With the expertise of Faunahomes design specialists, you can get a full spectrum of design change options. A sketch and a bulleted list of the changes is the very best way to communicate your desired changes with our customization team. With the expertise of Faunahomes design specialists, you get a full spectrum of design-change options. Your choices also include adding, removing and relocating rooms, windows, and doors, as well as many other refinements and amenities. Our modification service can modify most home plans to meet your needs as long as you can specifically define the changes you wish to make. (Please email us about this Service with a detailed scope of the work to see if it is possible for us to make the changes and we'll fix a rate).

How much does it cost to customize my plan?

Once you've purchased your home plans and returned the customization checklist, our experts will determine the complexity of the work and send you an accurate cost estimate for your review. Due to the variances between home plans and specific modifications, we cannot provide general pricing guides. Typical modifications can range from $200-$800, however your quote may be higher or lower than the average, based on your specific needs.

Can a plan be converted to Metric?

Yes, we can convert to metric dimensions. Email us before buying the plan. Allow a 48 hours delay before you receive the plan.

How can I open CAD files?

CAD file are made with AutoCAD 2012. You will need AutoCAD 2012 or higher version. You can also use A360 Viewer which is free on Autodesk website.

What size are your plans?

All plans are printable on 24x36” Paper. Also known as ARCH D or 610x914mm. They come in PDF and CAD (.dwg) files.

Why are your 360 virtual tour all white?

All virtual tour has been render in a 3D software and we decided not to propose any materials so you can imagine the style you prefer. Everybody has different taste and we want to reach out to a maximum of people. We offer you a layout and you can become the the interior designer of your futur home or ask your nephew who just graduated in design.

What do I need to know about architectural and engineering seals?

Some cities and states are now requiring that a licensed architect or engineer review and "seal" a blueprint, or officially approve it prior to construction due to concerns over energy costs, safety and other factors. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building official who can tell you if such a review is required.

Can I make copies of the plans?

Other online sellers usually sells you a master not reproducible blueprint and charges you for additional copies. will send you a .PDF file and you can use this file to make as many copy as you need at your local print shop.

Can I use your customization service to modify my plans to meet local building code requirements?

Unfortunately no. If any modifications are needed in order for your plan to meet local building code, you will have to work with a local engineer. Typically, these changes do not alter the design of the house, and therefore are permissible under copyright, regardless of which plan type you buy. In most cases, we cannot offer architectural or engineering stamps or seals at a local or state level. Most cities or municipalities will require that plans of any kind are reviewed by a local structural engineer.

What is the turn-around time for Faunahomes's customization services?

It is usually around 4 weeks but varies by the time of the year. It is best to confirm your turnaround time with the customization representative when you discuss your modification.

What is included in your plans?

You can expect to find the following standard elements in all sets of plans:

3D perspectives

This artist's sketch of the exterior of the house gives you an idea of how the house will look when built.

Detailed floor plans

These plans show the layout of each floor of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned, doors and windows located.

Exterior elevations

In addition to the front exterior, your blueprint set will include drawings of the rear and sides of your house as well. These drawings give notes on exterior materials and finishes.

Kitchen and custom cabinets

These plan shows the layout of the kitchen and customs cabinet in both plan and elevation. Details to like materials, style and knob to be completed with your manufacturer.

Electrical Plan(s)

This drawings indicates the location of lighting fixtures, switches and outlets, showing lighting design intent and layout. Please note your local building department may have specific requirements different from these plans.


Architectural and engineering seals

Some cities and states now require that a licensed architect or engineer review and "seal" a blueprint, or officially approve it, prior to construction. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building official who can tell you if such a review is required.

Foundation and basement plans

All dimensions shown on exterior walls are concrete dimensions.


Roof framing plan

You will need an engineer familiar with local building codes to create a plan to build your roof.